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24 - 25 June 2017 Circuit Zandvoort

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In 2017, Italia a Zandvoort will grow out to be a full weekend event. That means two days to fully enjoy all the beauty that Italy has to offer. Such an event may, of course, not be lacking in exciting races with Italian cars. Real competition, thrilling from start to finish!

Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic
After a period of absence, the British Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic series is back at Circuit Zandvoort. Under the banner of the renowned UK Ferrari Owners Club, both classic and modern Ferraris will be in action on the Zandvoort race track to compete in different classes. The series will most likely be a feast for lovers of classic Ferraris, such as the Ferrari 328GTB and the Ferrari 308GTB. They’ll be battling on the asphalt together with other marvellous Italian racers, including the Ferrari 355 Challenge bolides and the Ferrari 550 Maranello.

Alfa Romeo Challenge
A large grid consisting of powerful and fast Alfa Romeos, where it’s easy to fully see and hear the real racing passion of the Italian brand – that’s the Alfa Romeo Challenge that will come to action during the Italia a Zandvoort. Whether it’s the exciting drifts of the ‘Squadra Bianca’ Giulia Supers and Bertone GT-juniors, or the astonishing front-wheel drive touring car-violence of the Alfa Romeo 155, 147 and 156. You’ll be hardly able to take it all in! Add some popular Alfa racers such as the GTV, 33 and 75, and you can be sure that the Alfa Romeo Challenge will be one of the real crowd-pleasers of the Italia a Zandvoort.